BEST Service & up to a 3-year Warranty!

We are currently ONLY accepting watches from previous/former customers.  If you have sent us your Seiko Kinetic in the past, and require additional service or warranty work, please contact us for instructions on how to send us your watch using our CONTACT link at either the TOP or BOTTOM of this page.

KineticRepair employs a unique watch case and bracelet cleaning process!  SURGICLEANTM (or 'surgically clean') is a unique blend of both ultrasonic and steam cleaning combined with Simple Green D Pro 3 Plus (click here to learn more), an expensive one-step, hospital-grade germicidal cleaner and detergent which serves as a disinfectant, virucidal* and fungicidal.  Integrating Simple Green D Pro 3 with our ultrasonic and steam cleaning process results in your watch being truly 'disinfected,' and no longer a source of disease transmission on your wrist.

FACT - Ultrasonic and/or steam cleaning ALONE will NOT kill ALL the bacteria, VIRUSES and/or fungi that lurks in your watch bracelet!  You would be shocked to see what lurks on your watch case, bracelet and clasp, even AFTER it is supposedly 'cleaned' by the competition and/or even the manufacturer. 

STOP - Bad Seiko Kinetic Watch Repairs 

          'Budget Repair'                'Old-Style Cap'                   'Factory New'

"Pay less and get more!"  That's what the competition would have you believe. Don't buy their excuses.  We see the results of many 'budget repairs' and botched watch battery replacement performed on Seiko Kinetic watch repairs that have been serviced at other places on the internet - improperly installed 'generic' L-Ion cells, and leaking old-stock capacitors such as those pictured above, coupled with NO new gaskets installed in the crown (click here for more).  

These all too common 'short cuts' result in an inferior repair! 

We receive many Seiko kinetic watches for repair and battery replacement that have been damaged by improper repairs, and that other companies can not or will not repair. We utilize only factory new Seiko parts for a job done right. And we stand behind our work with the BEST limited warranty in the business.  The competition uses bogus excuse that 'you did not keep your watch properly charged up.'  Less than 2% or our serviced watches come back for any limited warranty work.  You get what you pay for.  
Don't settle for less.  
Send us your watch so we can properly diagnose it, and show you why we are the BEST at servicing the Seiko Kinetic Watch.   

 THE BEST Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair includes:

100% Genuine Seiko Parts
  BBB A+ Rating!
 Expert Diagnosis for the correct service level!
 State-of-the-Art Water-Resistance Testing 
New Gaskets and Seals Installed
 3-year Warranty on Complete Service Plus
100% American Company 
 All Repairs by a Swiss-trained Professional Watchmaker

    We know exactly WHY your Seiko Kinetic watch will not hold a charge!

  • Is your Seiko Kinetic watch failing to charge the battery as it should?
  • Does your Seiko Kinetic watch stop during the night?
  • Does your power reserve indicator only show '5' or '10' seconds of charge, no matter how much you 'shake' or 'swing' it to charge the lithium-ion watch battery or Seiko kinetic capacitor?
  • Is your second hand 'stepping' two-seconds, indicating a low charge?
  • Have you already had a Seiko Kinetic watch battery replaced only to have the original problem come back in a few weeks or months?
  • Were you told your Seiko Kinetic watch needed an expensive, new movement?

 Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair ANSWERS - CLICK HERE!

Wonder why NONE of the other Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair Sites show you photos of a kinetic watch being tested or properly serviced?  This ONE critical inspection is the 'game ender,' and we do it on every watch that comes across our bench for a repair quote.  More importantly, we know how to correct high consumption, and have advertised service levels to fix this problem. 

Our Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair Estimate tests your watch's charging circuitry, coil resistance and critical "consumption."  Most competitors DO NOT perform these tests, the results of which are the ONLY way to verify that your Kinetic watch will provide years of trouble-free operation.  Still in doubt about sending us your watch?  Read this person's watch repair HORROR STORY.

Our limited warranty for complete service is 2 years!  Ask the competition why they won't match that!


We utilize ONLY genuine SEIKO parts for your Seiko Kinetic watch repair and battery replacement.  Many of the competitors do NOT use genuine Seiko parts.  The photo on the right shows the all-important new generation titanium, Lithium-Ion energy storage unit (ESU or watch battery), together with the new bridge and insulator, which MUST be utilized when upgrading your watch's old, defective capacitor to lithium ion technology. 

100% Genuine Seiko Parts

 $79.95 $64.95* - BASIC Kinetic Watch Repair Service

For watches quoted to require BASIC service, the following are performed:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet with our SurgicleanTM process!
  • Replacement of original capacitor (watch battery), capacitor bridge and insulator with a Factory Seiko Lithium-ion energy storage unit.  Competitors may call this a 'capacitor overhaul,' but may not be installing a factory part. 
  • Voltage testing of your new Kinetic Energy Storage Unit (LI rechargeable).
  • Testing of your watch's charging circuitry.
  • Electrical tests of coil continuity & insulation (generating and operating coils).
  • Testing of both movement & circuit consumption. Why is this important?
  • Charging and conditioning of the new watch battery on factory Seiko equipment.
  • Digital/electronic timing analysis for quartz accuracy verification.
  • New caseback and crown gaskets properly greased and installed.
  • Spring bars inspected and replaced as needed.
  • State-of-the-art pressure testing (up to 10ATM/100M)
  • One year limited warranty on new L-Ion ESU power cell
*For watches estimated to require BASIC service.  Price does not include shipping charges.

ALL repairs performed by a Swiss-trained professional watchmaker utilizing state-of-the-art tools, and factory Seiko diagnostic & charging equipment. 

Compare our basic service to other "cheaper" services claiming to "overhaul your capacitor."  Most competitors are ONLY changing your capacitor and cleaning your watch case and bracelet.

Some kinetics require MORE than basic service or a battery replacement in order to function properly.  Unsure what service level your watch requires? 
Click here to find out if your watch may need intermediate or complete service!


Replacing the case back gasket involves pre-cleaning of the gasket channel and case back, selection of
the proper size and type of new gasket, pre-lubrication, proper seating, and then correct torque.
 What might the competition do to your watch? 
Mark Cuban, internet billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, says there are three types of "entrepreneurs."  INNOVATORS, IMITATORS and IDIOTS.  Who do you want repairing your watch?

A search on the Internet for a qualified business to repair your Seiko Kinetic watch reveals many options.  More than a few of these companies can spell disaster for your watch.  How do you know who to choose?  Fortunately, there is a simple TEST.  

Look for the MAXIMUM length of the warranty on a complete 'overhaul' of the movement.  For an auto-quartz like the Seiko Kinetic, if it is anything less than two years, avoid the business.  If you can ONLY find a '6 month' or 'one year' warranty on their website, KEEP SHOPPING - better genuine 'deals' can be found.


The 2-year warranty test is your best defense against a substandard repair by an unethical repair company who only knows how to replace your watch battery.

The competition won't guarantee anything longer than 12 months because they are usually ONLY replacing your watch battery - and many of them do NOT use factory Seiko parts.  65% of the Seiko Kinetics that fail to charge do so because of the need for movement service in addition to the need to replace the capacitor with a new 'energy storage unit' (also known as a 'battery')Buyer Beware!  If you send your watch to these 'battery swappers' there is only a 30% chance that they will get it right the first time.  Your watch may run for a few months.  But then  . . . ?  We don't like those odds.  And neither should you. 

There is a SIMPLE SOLUTION to help you know which companies to TRUST - The GOLD STANDARD when it comes to ANY watch repair . . .

                                  THE 2-YEAR WARRANTY TEST 

Companies that swap batteries or movements will NEVER offer this length of warranty.  ALL OF THEM ONLY offer a maximum warranty of six to 12 months.  Why don't they offer a longer warranty?  Because their shoddy work would NOT stand the test of TIME, and upset customers would quickly put them OUT of business.

We are the ONLY company, including the manufacture, who will offer an incredible THREE-YEAR warranty on watches which receive 'complete service plus.'  No other watch repair company in the world offers a 3-year limited repair warranty.  Go ahead and look.  You won't find one.  Neither will you find one offering a 2-year/24-month warranty.  End of story.

We also do NOT sell new watches, but some of our major competitors do.  Why anyone would send their old watch for repair to a place that sells new watches is beyond us.  You should realize that new watch sales are at all-time lows in the USA.  Perhaps you can see the 'set up' coming. 

Many competitors utilize expensive SEO companies and expensive 'Ad' word campaigns. They HAVE to PAY huge  advertising fees to get work in order to offer you 'FREE SHIPPING' or a 'FREE ESTIMATE.'  Ask yourself why that is?  We KNOW why.  They need TONS of watches to repair because they charge so little to repair them.  And more watches = more overhead to pay for.  The biggest expense is the labor of doing it right the first time, and that is precisely where most of them ARE cutting corners. 

When you don't charge enough to properly replace a watch battery, and/or offer FREE shipping or FREE estimates, you have to repair MORE watches for LESS money.  You are then tempted to take short cuts in the repair to make the watch run and get it out the door.  You realize that most folks won't send a broken watch back within the six month or one year 'warranty' period.  So you fall into the trap of being unethical and dishonest in your repairs.  We don't have to repair 30,000 watches a year to make a living 'doing it wrong.'  Length of warranty will weed out the scam artists. 



Many competitors spew misinformation about all the checks they are performing on your watch (copied from our website), but read carefully, ALL THEY ARE DOING IS REPLACING YOUR WATCH BATTERY.  Th same BS artist that now takes umbrage at our claim of being able to sometimes revive/replenish/restore LI cells used to claim that you needed to wear his repaired watch for "at least 3 days each week" or your warranty is invalidated due to a "drained capacitor." (01/29/18 - This competitor is now out of business, but there are many more out there who make similar and fraudulent, albeit convincint watch repair claims.)

Want to know why your watch stopped working when you took it off for a week?  
This is normally caused by the consumption of your movement being SKY HIGH.  The "new fully charged" watch battery can not keep up with the demand unless YOU wear it constantly to charge it, or put your watch on a "charging platform."  Why would you need to do that?  Did you need to do that when the watch was new?  Why now? Seiko states that a fully charged Lithium-Ion watch battery will have a "power reserve" of between one to six months (depending on the model).  This means you CAN take it off and leave your watch sit idle for at least that long before causing the new LI watch battery to drain and suffer ill-effects.

Competitors Copy What We Do

Many competitors copy either our business model, our diagnostic information, and our website material verbatim.  But they aren't smart or motivated enough to sit down and properly repair your watch.  Ask them why they don't offer a warranty longer than six months or one year . . . Crickets . . . These hack artists are royally upset with us for exposing their BS, and telling the public the TRUTH about watch repair.  It seems we have violated the 'code' - an unspoken 'rule' that watchmakers are supposed to 'keep secrets' about how to utilize 'repair short cuts.'  Some 'old school' watchmakers were taught that keeping you 'in the dark' meant more of an opportunity to rip you off.  All these unethical watchmakers are doing is insuring that the public will soon STOP wearing and/or buying new watches, because it is becoming very difficult to locate a truly honest place to have your watch repaired.
         What Keeps The Competition from Performing True 'Estimates?'

They claim to do it 'for free.'  No way an estimate can be done properly for free or without seeing the watch in person.  How do you think that they 'pay' for
all those Google ad words?  VOLUME.  And volume means short cuts . . . in your repair . . . translation = your watch will not be properly repaired, and the watch battery will not be properly replaced.  End of story.  Buyer beware.  

ur exclusive estimate and diagnosis will test your watch movement's operation using Swiss and Seiko diagnostic equipment.  These tests are the only way to know what is BEST for your watch repair.  Your watch's charging circuitry, its coil's resistance, its consumption, the capacitor's voltage and its ability to hold a charge . . . all these are tested when your watch is diagnosed during the estimate, and tested again AFTER the repair and battery replacement, in insure the watch is performing as it should.  We realize that those terms may not mean much to you, but they are absolutely the proper terms to utilize when describing what HONESTLY should be done to troubleshoot and repair your Seiko Kinetic watch to replace its rechargeable watch battery. 

 Pressure Testing:  Wet pressure testing is a service designed primarily for DIVE WATCHES (rated at 200m or more).  If you are not scuba diving or submerging your watch, the basic service is normally ALL your watch will require.  In addition, almost no watch repair facility will guarantee, in writing, that they will be responsible for damage caused by a watch failing to operate underwater.  Why?  Because the consumer/end user may do any number of things that compromise the water resistance security that has been restored and tested during a repair process.  If you don't believe us, start asking around, and look for this in writing.   While your at it, look for pictures of their pressure testing equipment, and ask them if they can provide a receipt of the pressure test that was performed on your watch.

Water Resistance & the Basic Service: Our basic service includes pressure testing for water resistance up to 50m or 5 bar/atm on all kinetic basic-service watches, which will insure that your watch is properly sealed. Verification to 50m or 5 bar/atm will allow your watch to resist water that is splashed on it, or a brief immersion in water to several inches, but will NOT rate it for swimming. If you desire your watch to be pressure tested to its rated depth (if higher), then you should request our intermediate or complete service. 

Here is what the competition will NOT show you, because they do NOT own this equipment!  SAFE PRESSURE TESTING is performed with a Greiner/Vibrograf LT-100 Poseidon dry tester (above),
and an AF/Swiss wet tester - if required to isolate a leak (pictured lower right, below). 

Results of your pressure test will be documented (pictured above left) when the watch is sent in for ANY Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair.  We perform both a negative, dry 'case integrity' test, and a positive dry pressure test up to 10ATM/100m.  For professional diver models (rated at 200m or higher AND with a screw-down crown) we can also perform an optional/additional wet test up to 125% of the watches rated depth - Inquire with us if you are interested in having a wet test performed on your professional divers watch.  

Would you like your watch and bracelet ultrasonically cleaned and/or pressure testing to verify water resistance?

If you desire these additional services, we offer an intermediate level, and a
complete level for your Seiko Kinetic watch.

And unless the new battery was a "budget" battery or a non-tested  or improperly conditioned rechargeable watch battery (which is what the competition may install) there is no reason it would not CHARGE back up when you started wearing the watch again . . . no reason except your watch can't charge the battery properly, because the watch battery is either defective (not genuine Seiko or a defective genuine battery - yes they do exist), and/or the consumption is SKY HIGH, and/or they did not verify that your charging circuitry was working properly.

Still don't believe us? Imagine if your auto mechanic installed a new battery in your car, and then after you left the car in a parking lot for a week, it would not start. The mechanic then told you that you needed to "drive" your car 3 days a week in order for you to keep the battery charged and qualify for his warranty.  'Awkward!'


Your Seiko KINETIC watch repair and watch battery replacement will be expertly performed following the same guidelines utilized at the factory where your watch was originally manufactured.